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Say’s Law, Savings and Economic Growth Mathematics & Economics Essay (Essay Sample)


The purpose of the essays is for you to fully develop your critical thinking, comprehension, and writing skills in important areas of classical economics. Essays should demonstrate collegiate-level writing skills with regard to content and style and should be free from syntax errors. These essays require external research with a minimum of 3 scholarly economic journals required for each essay, not including the textbook.
You are required to write a minimum of 1,000 words and cite 3 sources for each essay. Grading will be based upon how well the essay demonstrates that you have read, understood, and carefully considered the question, the associated textbook theory, and external resources needed to complete the assignment.
Formatting Instructions:
• Good introductions will highlight the key points of your Critical Writing Assignments and should lead the entire paper. You can only write a good introduction after you have conducted the necessary research and thoroughly understand the pertinent chapters in the textbook.
• Following the introduction, discuss and corroborate the key points of your Critical Writing Assignment.
• Conclusions are 1 paragraph and should never introduce or discuss anything that hasn't been discussed earlier.
Research Questions (related to Say's Law and has 3 components):
1. How would you define Say's Law? Provide context for your definition.
2. What is John Stuart Mill's “take” on Say's Law?
3. How would you describe a country's savings rate and its effect on the country's growth rate?
Identify and discuss pertinent economic theories associated with these research questions.
Classic Economic Principles and The Wealth of Nations
Genetski, Robert
Chapters 8-9
On Classical Economics
Sowell, Thomas
Chapter 6


Say’s Law, Savings and Economic Growth
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Say’s Law, Savings and Economic Growth
Economics is a significant field that illustrates the economic problems and how they are addressed. Economists have come up with theories and models to interpret the various economies of different countries. These theories and models have, over time, been corrected by contemporary economists in the attempt to solve the global economic issues. In this regard, various economic determinants are discussed, such as savings as a function of GDP and the likes.
Say’s Law claims that the production of a given product creates demand for another product by providing something of value that can be exchanged for that other product. According to the definition, Keynes implied that production is a source of demand. When a product is created, it affords a market for other products to maximize its value. Also, individuals can only purchase the productions of others with their productions. The value they can purchase equals to the value they can produce (Traité, 1803). This means the more men can purchase, the more they are capable of producing.

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