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Jacob Incident's In The Life Of A Slave Girl (Essay Sample)


Your essay should include each of the writing components developed in the course's writing workshops. Thus, it will need an appropriate introduction, a clear thesis statement that provides the reader with a roadmap for the rest of your essay, suitable topic sentences, body paragraphs that use specific examples from Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl as evidence in support of your thesis, and a conclusion that restates the essay's main points. This paper must be computer-generated, double-spaced, with standard one-inch margins and 12 pt. font-Times New Roman.


Jacob incident's in the life of a slave girl
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In 1879 there lived a woman of great dignity, intense desire, and will. A woman who was regarded nothing more than a slave girl who would do anything to attain her freedom and that of her children. Harriet Jacob who was referred by her a pet name Linda Brent assembled her life in a book called incidents in the life of a slave girl. Many factors influenced the lives of women in the southern. The two were race and gender in the experience of shaping. Harriet writes through her expertise and suffering as a slave woman to make people aware mainly the northerners especially the white women. Harriet Jacob's gender was more significant in shaping her experience as her slave girl. The essay explains how the gender of Harriet Jacob assisted her in developing her experience.
Harriet Jacob starts by giving a short description of her innocent childhood. She describes it as short and perfect until when she realized she was born as a slave at the age of six years. It was at this age that her happy childhood stopped because she was fondly protected and had never hoped to be a piece of merchandise. She realizes her position in the society after the death of her mother and her consequent removal form mistress home. Jacob states herself as “having a heart free from care as that of any free-born white kid.” However, the kindness of the mistress came first for every human being born to become chattel (Harriet 2000). We are further informed that even though her next mistress was kind and educated, the kindness later tainted since it was not endowed by justice and freedom.
When writing her story, Jacob had a clear motive of awakening women in the north through her experience. Harriet was not interested in sympathy. She wanted people to take action against antislavery efforts. When telling her story. In the patriarchal society; the society dictated the place of a woman within the home and the community (Harriet 2000). In the book the incidents in the life of a slave girl Harriet natural states, “I solemnly desire to arouse the women of the

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