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Fast Food Adverts Targeting Children (Essay Sample)


Read the book "Fast Food Nation" and watch one or more of the following films. Addresses the economics of food & diet. A: Supersize me [Super Size Me RSU 709 (2004, 100 min)] B: Food Inc [Food, Inc. QFO 494 (2008, 94 min)] C: King Corn [King Corn HKO 728 (2007, 88 min)] Over the last several decades, fast food companies have aggressively targeted children in their marketing efforts. Should advertisers be permitted to target children who lack the sophistication to make informed decisions and are essentially being lured into eating high fat, high calorie food through toys and cute corporate mascots? Is it possible that fast food companies - like tobacco companies - are recruiting increasingly younger consumers in order to insure a steady customer base as their older constituents die from heart disease, diabetes, and other obesity-related disorders? Paper will be graded on analysis. Relate the ideas of this course to the specific topic selected. Cite movie and book used and any additional sources.


Fast Food Adverts Targeting Children

Balanced diets and healthy feeding habits are crucial for the children and the adolescents. This is one of the factors that contribute to proper growth and development. These aspects can also be tracked into their adulthood and are the reason that some of the adults in the current time developed chronic diseases and long-term conditions. Majority of the reports that have been released in America with regard to the recent dietary habits, show that the American children and adolescents have very poor feeding habits that do not meet the dietary goals of the country. The current trends indicate that the children and the adolescents are eating a lot more foods away from home and majority of these foods include soft drinks and snacks. It has also been established that children and adolescents are obtaining more than 50% of their calories from the fatty foods and sugars that have been added to the drinks (Bernhardt, Wilking, Adachi-Mejia, Bergamini, Marijnissen& Sargent, 2013).
The last several decades has seen the rise of the children with obesity rise in the general population of America, which is now one of the major public health concerns. At the moment more than 155 of the population of the youths in the country is dealing with overweight issues. Compared to the 80s, the prevalence in children to get obese has increased two folds while that of the adolescents has raised three folds. Some of the complications that have also increased with the rise of the obesity in the country are cardiovascular disease related to the overweight problem (Calvert, 2008). These conditions include hypertension and hyperlipidaemia. In addition diabetes mellitus types 2 have also beenon the rise especially in the youths, something that was not common in the 80s.These are just a tip of the iceberg as most of the implications re likely to be felt in the future. The health and productivity of Amer...
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