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Factors of Location, Scale, and Organization. Economics Essay (Essay Sample)


Topic 5: Part A – Factors of Location
Topical Questions (15 pts)
Explain the differences between country, regional and local location factors.
Type your answer here (about 100 words).
Explain the relationships between the rent paying capacity of economic activities and land use.
Type your answer here (about 100 words).
Explain the Weberian location theory and to what type of activities it is the most suitable.
Type your answer here (about 100 words).
Topic 5: Part B – Scale and Organization
Topical Questions (5 pts)
Economies and diseconomies of scale are two sides of the same coin; explain.
Type your answer here (about 100 words).
Essay: Economies (10 pts)
For each type of economies, provide an example.
Type your answer here (about 150-200 words).


Factors of Location, Scale, and Organization
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The location factors to consider in either country, regional, or local is very different. In-country location factors, issues such as; government regulation, taxation rate, competition level, and security is into consideration. The country factors operate on a more superior level than the regional; in the regional, accounting of climate, culture, and potentiality of growth determined. On the other hand, local location factors tackle the factors that may be caused by the few chosen individual in the community, as much as the level competition; it is with a minimal impact towards identifying a good location. In local factors, consideration of the language matters, unlike in the country account onto literacy level (Huang, & Cantwell 2017).

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