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Worldview Of David Ricardo, Karl Marx, And John Stuart Mill (Essay Sample)


You are required to complete 4 essays based upon specific questions listed in each assignment's instructions below. The purpose of the essays is for you to fully develop your critical thinking, comprehension, and writing skills in important areas of classical economics. Essays should demonstrate collegiate-level writing skills with regard to content and style and should be free from syntax errors. These essays require external research with a minimum of 3 scholarly economic journals required for each essay, not including the textbook.
You are required to write a minimum of 1,000 words and cite 3 sources for each essay. Grading will be based upon how well the essay demonstrates that you have read, understood, and carefully considered the question, the associated textbook theory, and external resources needed to complete the assignment.
Formatting Instructions:
• Good introductions will highlight the key points of your Critical Writing Assignments and should lead the entire paper. You can only write a good introduction after you have conducted the necessary research and thoroughly understand the pertinent chapters in the textbook.
• Following the introduction, discuss and corroborate the key points of your Critical Writing Assignment.
• Conclusions are 1 paragraph and should never introduce or discuss anything that hasn't been discussed earlier.
Critical Writing Assignment 2
Research Question: How would you describe the macroeconomic “worldview” of David Ricardo, Karl Marx, and John Stuart Mill?
To accomplish this assignment, identify and discuss the pertinent macroeconomic theories/hypotheses/methodologies associated for each of these Classical Economists. This assignment must address each Classical Economist (Ricardo, Marx, and Mill) separately. Cite 1 source for each of these 3 men for a total of 3 sources.
Submit this assignment through SafeAssign by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 4.
Classical Economic Principles & the Wealth of Nations
by: Robert Genetski, Chapters 1-7
On Classical Economics
by: Thomas Sowell, Chapters 1-4


Describing the Macroeconomic Worldview Of David Ricardo, Karl Marx, And John Stuart Mill
Institutional Affiliation
Describing the Macroeconomic Worldview of David Ricardo, Karl Marx, and John Stuart Mill
In the current world, it is observable that most economists are using macroeconomic theories and methodologies to execute their duties. Typically, this arises from the fact that these ideologies have a traceable lineage of contributions towards the development of excellent economies in the world. Regardless of their opinions, a manifold of economists exists today, and these help in developing these models. Amidst the many, David Ricardo, Karl Marx, and John Stuart Mill remain some of the exceptional classical economists whose worldviews on macroeconomics, and their accomplishments identical to economic theories, hypotheses, and methodologies are worth discussing in this paper.
David Ricardo
Ricardo is one of the most memorable classical economists whose incredible success and fame remain milestones in the economic world. It is through his political influences and contributions to classical economics that Ricardo became famous and popular in the world. It is worth realizing that this outstanding economist was a great author, whose writings paved the way for his recognition by the world. For instance, although "Principles of Political Economy and Taxation" is his most famous work, 

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