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Research on Consumer spending by states Mathematics & Economics Essay (Essay Sample)


This is a research project - in Macroeconomics.
I’ll do my research on Consumer spending by state: BLS puts New Jersey to the test
Develop a 4-5 page discussion paper, first summarize the article, then identify the topic you think is clearly related to our work, why, and finally, explain how this has helped you to understand this topic on a new level.
Plagiarism is forbidden - it must be your own work and I will likely send it through a scanning program to check. If it bounces - so does your grade.
You must list all references and citations in the work as well. While I can forgive grammar I will not permit stealing someone else's work.
follow APA format
Late work losses grade points each day it is delayed, and will not be accepted after the due date
100 points available for this assignment (See attached grading rubric)
This is a serious paper, and a serious opportunity to show what you have learned and how you can apply materials in class to real situations - show me what you got...


Consumer Spending By State
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Consumer Spending By State
The article “Consumer Spending by States: BLS Puts New Jersey to the Test” by Taylor Wilson depicts the importance of the consumer expenditure (CE) survey. Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), CE refers to the money spent by individuals in a specific region to buy durable or nondurable products and services. Such a measure is crucial since it shows how the government and other relevant stakeholders can use the consumer spending patterns of people in a particular region. The two primary phrases that one should understand when performing the CE survey include the consumer unit and household. The latter comprises a physical dwelling. The former refers to people living in a household, related by marriage, legal arrangements, adoption, and blood, who make the expenditure decisions together. When calculating the CE, consumer units are assigned different weights depending on individuals’ spending habits. Wilson’s article enables one to understand the topic of consumer spending, particularly by taking the reader through the CE of New Jersey.

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