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College Mathematics Integers. Mathematics & Economics Essay (Essay Sample)


Assignment Instructions
Integers in the Real World
Connecting Integers to Finances
Imagine that you have graduated and obtained your ideal job! This project will help you connect what you have learned about integers to personal finances.
In this project, you will:
Learn to describe income using an equation.
Learn to evaluate your income based on given hours per week or a goal amount of money.
Learn to make reasonable conclusions about finances.
Connect the idea of positive and negative integers to credits and debits within accounts.
To complete this project you will:
Complete the Ideal Job Worksheet to guide you in developing your budget. Be sure to show all work!
Complete a 2-page, double-spaced, APA formatted report. In the report, you need to present your findings and explain the connections between your calculations and integers. Thoughts to include in the report include: What types of transactions are positive or negative? How can you write an expression to determine your income? How can you write an equation to solve the number of hours you need to work or the amount of money you need to make to reach your financial goals.
** Also going to need 2 cited sources**


College Mathematics Integers
Name of Student:
Name of Institution:
You have landed your ideal job!
In this worksheet you will need to answer each question fully and showing all work. Then use your findings to write your 2 page report on your findings.
1 Research jobs using your degree and identify a job you would be interested. Use a website like to determine the salary for the job you are interested in. Then Find out what the hourly pay amount based on what is given. Be sure to cite your source in the worksheet and in your report.
Answer: My desired job is in the Accounting profession, preferably based in the United States. According to, the average annual salary of an accountant in the United States is $55,914 which translates to $4,660 per month (55,914/12).
With an eight-hour per day work schedule, a five-day working week and four weeks in a month, the total work hours in a month are: 8*5*4= 160 hours.
Hourly pay amount: 4,660/160= $29.
2 Write an equation to express how much money you would make if you worked h hours. Where I equals income:
Answer: I= 29h
3 Would you consider your income to be a positive or a negative integer? Why?

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