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“The Climate Issue” Mathematics & Economics Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


This assignment is based upon a collection of readings from the September 21 – September 27, 2019 edition of The Economist magazine. This issue is called “The climate issue”. Based upon this set of readings (handed out in class), you are to write a 4 page essay looking at a number of different issues. Please acknowledge sources when required. In this essay I want you to:
1.Discuss the cause of climate change
2.Discuss the effects of climate change
3Discuss the cost of climate change (i.e. the insurance and other costs)
4Explain why it is important for co-ordinated action to be taken by countries around the world to deal with the problem
5What policy options are available and being used by governments to deal with climate change?
6Why is there so much conflict in countries like Canada regarding policies to deal with climate change?
7Are we doing enough to deal with climate change?
This is the rest of the article


Climate change is the shift in weather patterns over a period of time on the normal or prior climate system. Over the past few years the earth has experienced a considerable shift in the climatic systems across most parts of the world. It can be attributed to various factors based on human activities. In this document I have used an article titled “The Climate Issue” to discuss and analyze some key factors that go with climate change and how the world has responded to the shift.
Causes of climate change
The climate a place experience is motivated by some factors, e.g. forests and natural resources that are around there. Human activities that involve using such resources is a great cause of climate change. Below is an analysis of human activities that have led to change in climate changes.
* Rampant industrialization

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