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My attitude to mathematics. Mathematics & Economics Essay (Essay Sample)


The essay is supposed to be about three pages,
The topic is something like “Your attitude to mathematics” (likes /dislikes, etc),
Or you can write on another topic if you prefer, no prompts,


My Attitude Towards Mathematics
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Simply put, the life of a student has never been easy. From the rigorous study regimes to assignments and subject balance. Typically, every student has his or her troubles when it comes to certain subjects. Unless one is indeed very sharp and smart, there will always be that one subject that causes mental mayhem in class. Conversely, there is also that favorite subject. Subsequently, there tends to be some bias when it comes to the time that a student allocates to the favorite and the feared subject. In most cases, the favorite subject will always be accorded the most time, beating even the logic that the tougher subject is the one that deserves more time and attention.

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