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Are Lotteries Fair (Essay Sample)

Read the case study "Focus on Social Science – Are Lotteries Fair?" on pages 279–281 of your text. Once you have read the case study, answer question 2 on page 281. In addition, explain your own personal experiences with gambling. source..
ARE LOTTERIES FAIR? Name: Grade Course: Tutor`s Name: (13, November 2010) Is Lottery a fair game? Lottery defined by an online dictionary as a contest that token are being sold or distributed, which the winning token is selected randomly or it is predetermined at the draw. According to me, I think that the use of these ‘systems` do nothing to improve the odds of winning a lottery because this is a scheme by those who are educated to take advantage of the less educated and earn themselves a quick money. Less educated players are lured into believing that they can be assisted into winning these lotteries especially when they have the belief that those educated can have the power to use their education to calculate the chances of winning. What makes me argue that these ‘systems` does not increase chances of winnin...
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