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Week 6 Research Assignment: Team Decision Making (Essay Sample)


Each week, you are required to make a 250 word posting in APA format. This week you are to find a scholarly article or a TedTalk about team decision making. Discuss what you learned, how it will help you, and how you plan to implement it and help others implement it.


Team Decision Making
Working as a team at the place of work can provide great opportunity for both the individual employees and the organization that they work for. It also makes everyone to build a strong sense of feeling in an organization (Lanceley et al, 2008).
This paper examines the lessons one can learn from team work, its benefits and plans to implement it.
Lessons Learned from team Decision Making
In every team work, every team member comes with different skills and experience. Variety of skills that are offered by different people has made it easy for everyone to learn from each other. For instance, there can be one team member who is good with some computer or ICT applications like spreadsheets and this could be beneficial to another person in decision making. Another lesson from team decision making is that, different team members would come with different ideas on table and every idea to be critically analyzed before the final decision is arrived at (Oshima Lee & Emanuel, 2013).
Benefits of Team Decision Making
One of the benefits of team decision making is the enhancement of skills and abilities of every group member. Decision making in an organization tends to be very effective if different views are put into consideration. Each and everyone in have got different abilities and expertise and if all these different skills and expertise are put into consideration, a better decision may be arrived at (Oshima Lee & Emanuel, 2013).
Implementation of the Lessons Learnt
In a team decision making, there are some many skills and ideas that one is exposed to. If a person can implement one of the skills and ideas he or she has learned, then their performance at the organization or in his or her life. One of the better ways for implementing the knowledge acquired from the team is ...
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