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Victim-Offender Relationship Murder Case Of Jennifer Corbin (Essay Sample)


For this Discussion, Please view The Media video• Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2012). Victim-offender relationships. Baltimore, MD: Author.Download from references.
Select a high-profile murder case that occurred within the past ten years. Examine the relationship between the victim and offender and consider how that relationship may have influenced the murder.
Post by Day 4 a brief description of the murder case you selected. Then explain the relationship between the victim and the offender. Finally, explain how the victim-offender relationship may have influenced the murder.


Victim-Offender Relationship
This essay evaluates the victim-offender relationship in the murder case of Jennifer Corbin that occurred in December 2004. The murder was initially alleged as a suicide which would be caused by Jennifer's online love affair. At the time of her death, Jennifer had two young sons, Dalton and Dillon Corbin. Prior to her death, Jennifer was having a troubled marriage with her husband Barton Corbin leading to her engaging in another online affair. However, it turned out few moments before Jennifer's death that the online lover, Chris was actually a lady called Anita. Barton had also filed a divorce and the divorce papers were found together with a gun at the scene of the murder, in Jennifer's bedroom (Forty-eight hours, 2007).
In this case, Jennifer Corbin is the victim and Barton Corbin the offender. They were couples who had lived together for a while with two children. Jennifer had confessed to planning to leave his husband and started engaging with an online guy. Allegedly, the online affair had enraged Barter to kill her wife and staging it as a suicide before the divorce would come through for them. After investigations, Barton admitted murdering Jennifer and Dorothy, a former girlfriend who he killed in the same manner as Jennifer sixteen years prior to her wife's death (forty-eight hours, 2007).
As married couples, Jennifer and Barton knew each other's strengths and weaknesses well to stage up an ordeal and escape from it. If Jennifer was raped or assaulted and never murdered, there is a high likelihood of her not reporting the incident to the police. A close relationship shiel

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