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Unionization of Amazon Warehouse Workers (Essay Sample)


Part B of group work, I already finished the first part and you ONLY need do the RED part. and two pages.


Unionization of Amazon Warehouse Workers
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Unionization of Amazon Warehouse Workers
With their allegations toward the company’s management, the Amazon workers argue that they need a union which will protect them from the exploitations experienced in their place of work. Over the past three years, the workforce and the Amazon Warehouse have doubled, but the terms of work in terms of resources, salary, and employees’ benefits has remained unchanged. This is mainly because the workers at different regions in the United States and across the world working under Amazon Company have remained out of reach to the employees’ unions which is reliable for negotiating favorable terms of work on their behalf (Sainato, 2019). The workers are therefore through collective efforts working toward the establishment of a union that would help in fighting against the unfair treatment of the workers by the company.
Amazon Company has over 613,000 employees across the world, a population that needs to be protected through a union. The workers need an improved working environment which will enable them to grow socially and economically as the company grows which can only be achieved through collective bargaining. Through joining hands, the Amazon Company employees will manage to overcome the suppression efforts of the company’s management which hinders their efforts for union formation. This is considered as a solid step in promoting collective bargaining for employees’ welfare and improvement of their working conditions.
Among the effort Amazon Company management used to suppress union formation is through persuading employees to vote against the idea. For example, the company’s management established an intense pressure on the maintenance and repair workers in 2014 t

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