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Transformation, transactional, and charismatic leadership Essay (Essay Sample)


After reading Chapter 8 (Leadership: Theory and practice by Northouse), write an essay in APA style and explain the relationship between transformational, transactional, and charismatic leadership and give examples of each.
DO NOT just provide definitions. Your narrative should demonstrate college-level writing and knowledge of each leadership theory.
See Quick Guide - College-Level Writing attached.
Check anything APA at Purdue Purdue Online Writing Lab.
APA is always double space, no more no less.
The title page must have a header and page number. The center of the title page has the title of the assignment, your name, and the college name. NO MORE!
Don't forget the References page. If you list a reference, it must also appear as an in-text citation and visa versa. Never use Works Cited on the References page. Use the word References.
Refrain from using the following phrases when writing an academic paper: "I believe" "In my opinion" "I think" "I". The reason you use references is so you can write about what has been researched, this information has validity.
Use headings to take the reader from one point to another. Remember the reader has no idea what this case is about.
You should submit
Submit your response as a word document, formatted APA style.
This document should contain no less than two pages of well-written
Cite your sources where applicable. APA style.
If you need assistance with APA style format, review the resources available in the Writing Resources area of the course (in the course menu on the left)


The Relationship between Leadership Styles
Student’s Name
The Relationship between Leadership Styles
While transformational leadership and charismatic leadership are almost synonymous in terms of their characteristics, transactional leadership is different. The focus of transactional leadership on exchanges or transactions between the leader and followers sets it apart from the other two leadership styles whose focus is on the relationship with followers.
According to Northouse (2019), the way charismatic leadership is described makes it similar to transformational leadership. However, given that charismatic leadership emanates from the word charisma, it is inferable that the style focuses more on personal attributes of the leader than on their actions.

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