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Training and Development/ Performance Management (Essay Sample)


Scenario (include type of company and job)
You have hired your new employee and are now ready to integrate them into the new position. All new employees should be oriented into their new work place so that they understand the environment, the people and the way in which the work is done and what the expectations are or legal requirements are in the work that they do. Once performing the job, ongoing feedback is essential to ensure you get the most out of your employees and provide support, coaching and retraining if needed.
(Using lecture notes, chapters from the text on Training and Developing Employees and Managing Employees Performance please complete parts)


Training and Development/ Performance Management 
Date of Submission
Training and Development/ Performance Management 
The process of hiring new employees for a company is very crucial for any strategic human resource management system. The HR, before getting to the point of hiring any potential staff has, first of all, to cater for necessary legal framework required. Once, the legal requirements are met then the HR is faced with the responsibility of selecting employees with the right skill set needed for the available vacant positions in the organization (Morgaine, 2015). The staff to be employed must be able to fit into the company’s structure and work towards realizing the organization’s objective. Discussed below is a standard procedure of hiring new employees for most startup companies in America for cooperative jobs.
The first step for a new business is getting the Employer Identification Number/ federal tax ID number for the company. This is for recognition of the business for tax purposes. The second procedure is the registration of the company with the labor department in the state the business is to operate in. The next step is establishing worker’s compensation insurance coverage for the protection of employees for any work-related injuries. The fourth process is the selection of a payroll system that suits the business and familiarization with the employer tax withholding measures. Withholding portion of employee’s income for purposes of settling social security payments, IRS deposits and Medicare tax payments is a legal responsibility of the company (Morgaine, 2015). Once all these legal requirements are done for a new startup company, then the procedure for acquiring the employees begins. A company that had been established earlier might skip the above steps, if they were alr

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