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Option #2: Using Tools to Solve a Problem. Management Essay (Essay Sample)


Option #2: Using Tools to Solve a Problem
Research a business problem that has occurred either at your organization or in the news:
Provide a short summary of the problem.
Identify possible solutions using at least one technique or tool:
If you choose a process, include the names of the steps as you describe the process.
If you choose a tool, include the diagram/map.
Describe the decision-making process you would follow.
Compare your results to the decisions made in the actual scenario.
Analyze which decision-making method and solution you think is most appropriate for the business problem.
Justify your response and analysis by using and citing relevant research.
Assignment Requirements:
Your paper should be 4-5 pages in length, not counting the required title and references pages.
Format your paper according to the CSU Global Writing Center as well as 7th editon APA .
Cite a minimum of six scholarly sources to support your positions, claims, and observations, in addition to the textbook, four of which should be academic, peer-reviewed sources. (You may not use the required and recommended readings for this course.)
Be sure to review the Critical Thinking Assignment rubric for details regarding grading standards.


Option #2: Using Tools to Solve a Problem
Student Name
Institution Affiliation
Option #2: Using Tools to Solve a Problem
The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted notable flaws in the technological practices of most Australian businesses, which have led to the loss of many customers. Research done on 1,200 business decision-makers globally, together with 205 from Australia, discovered that a number of local companies believe poor communication was the reason behind their loss of customers and were unprepared to heavily rely on technology with many people working from home. A global survey was carried out from Pegasystems by a research company known as Savanta to show the scope of the impact of COVID-19 on businesses and their ability to adjust during the crisis. The survey showed that half of the Australian companies lost clients during the pandemic as a result of poor communication systems, a number that is much higher than the global 36% (Information Age, 2020). A further 85% believed the pandemic had initially exposed hidden flaws in their businesses, and their digital transformation efforts were encumbered by lagging technology. Additionally, 55% of the surveyed firms worried they had let customers down, whereas 64% admitted to not doing more to aid their customers. Lastly, 56% sent poorly received messages to clients that eventually damaged their reputation (Information Age, 2020). 

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