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The Impact of COVID-19 on Company Management Essay (Essay Sample)


This course is Bisiness capstone (Adv Bus Mod / Business strategy)course. Analyze the impact of COVID-19 on one of the companies in our cases. I attached 4 case, please choose one and write two page for the impact of COVID-19 for this comapny. Paper related to Business strategy is better.


Extra credits assignment 

Analyze the impact of COVID-19 on one of the companies in our cases

1. Choose one company in the case studies covered in this course.

2. Use one or more frameworks we discussed in this course and analyze how COVID -19 would impact on one or more strategies this company is implementing.

3. Derive your conclusion about whether and how COVID - 19 would impact on this companies' competitiveness and performance.

4. Provide you recommendations on how this company would cope with those impact brought by COVID -19.


1.  Format: Times New Roman, 12 point, double spacing. 2-page minimum.

2. You may refer to the course textbook, the course pack and your own notes while answering the questions. The use of any other materials, including any kind of internet based article or data is also allowed. Please use citations & bibliography (MLA or APA) as appropriate.

3. Wherever applicable and relevant, please provide quantitative AND qualitative evidence supporting your answers.

4. This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment- DO NOT discuss the exam with anyone else.

5.  You are required to submit your answers as a word document (.doc or .docx) and submit the document here on Blackboard before 11:59 pm, Friday, May 1 2020. LATE SUBMISSION IS NOT ACCEPTED.



The Impact of Covid-19 on Whole Foods Market, Inc.
Institution Affiliation
The Impact of Covid-19 on Whole Foods Market, Inc.
Covid 19 poses a high negative impact on the food industry. Whole Foods Market being an organic foods outlet, will feel the effect. Their specialty is on products that are natural and organic. Their products are highly perishable fresh produce. Their products, therefore, have a short shelf life, which makes the store record very high traffic since most consumers shop three or two times a week. This segment will, however, be hardly hit by the outbreak of covid 19. The disease is quickly spreading hence creating a high necessity for quarantining and social distancing. Therefore, fear of contagion is making people restrict their movement to the stores. The fresh products in Whole Foods are therefore likely to go bad due to the reduced traffic in the store hence recording high losses

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