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Systems Model of Organizational Accidents Management (Essay Sample)


Option 1: Systems Model of Organizational Accidents
Submit a paper that explains how the Systems Model of Organizational Accidents can be used by risk managers to understand and manage incidents and performance. Be sure to consider the following:
1.Assess system influences on organizational performance.
2.Explain the role of systemic structure in the sustainability of improvement interventions.
3.Compare and contrast this model with others that are reviewed in this week


Systems Model of Organizational Accidents
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In his writing, James Reason (2016) stated that organizational accidents are rare but catastrophic events when they happen. They involve the complex behavior of the organization which is beyond the control of accident victims (James Reason, 2016).
A system model of the Organizational accidents is used by risk managers to get a better understanding, managing incidents and performance. This model makes the assumption that human beings are capable of making mistakes and therefore errors are to be expected. According to Reason (2016), Errors are seen as consequences rather than causes having their origins in systemic factors. The system model has the influence of making sure incorporation of defense systems, safeguards, and barriers in the performance of an organization. Consequently, they protect potential victims and assets from all sorts of hazards (Reason, 2016).
Systematic structures play crucial roles in the sustainability of improvement interventions. They limit the possible incidence of dangerous errors and also enable high tolerance to potential errors and hazards. System approach, therefore, ensures comprehensive management program targeting various factors such as an individual, team, task, and place of work or institution. Systems that are able to operate in hazardous conditions with few adverse events constitute to the resilience of the organization (Yang Goh, Peter Love and Daniel Lo, 1999).
This model is better when compared with others such as the personal approach as reviewed before. The other models have high chances of failure in case of errors resulting from actions or omissions of human beings. In addition, other models are affected by recurrent errors that are not common with the systems ap...
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