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Succession planning Essay. Management Assignment. (Essay Sample)


Write an additional 1,000-1,250 words in which you analyze succession planning. Preparation for sustainability is critical in the health care industry. For an organization to be sustainable, leaders must think beyond their individual tenure in the organization and strategically develop succession plans to assure the sustainability of the organization, allowing the leader to move on and leave a legacy. To plan meaningfully, leaders must identify high-performers and challenge them to innovate, and they must develop underperformers to acceptable levels of performance.
Identify the role of an organizational leader in a health care setting. This maybe your current role or the desired role. Create a research-based succession plan for the role you have identified. Include the following in your plan:
A brief overview of the role and setting for which the plan is being created. Be sure not to include information that would identify the organization.
A description of the succession plan for the case in which the leader retires, resigns, or is forced to resign. How do the different cases alter the plan, if at all?
A research-supported description of the coaching required for the succession plan described above to be effective. How are underperformers brought along and over-performers challenged?
A research-supported summary indicating how the plan will foster the sustainability of the organization and its strides toward improved leadership culture and quality of care.


Succession Planning
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Succession Planning
No leader in the healthcare sector can lead forever. At times, individuals in critical leadership positions are forced to resign, resign willingly, die, leave, or retire. However, when these leaders are gone, it does not mean that the organization will halt providing healthcare services to the people in need. As such, preparation for sustainability is critical in the healthcare industry. Succession planning refers to the process of selecting and developing new leaders so that they can replace the existing ones when they retire, die, or leave an organization. Leaders are expected to identify high-performers and challenge them to innovate, without forgetting to develop underperformers to acceptable levels of performance. The paper focuses on a succession plan for a charge nurse supervisor.

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