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Management: Answer The Straight Management Questions (Essay Sample)


Answer the questions, and please don't copy and paste from online.


Management Questions about Time Warner
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Management Questions about Time Warner
Question 1:
DoubleClick is an alliance of Time Warner that will work with their businesses, brands, and networks. Hence, there will be an improvement in their programmatic buying, ad services, and global standing.
The Time Warner’s operation is global that has a supply chain from all over the world. They are working hard to become efficient in the communities where the suppliers can do business ventures with them.
The equity acquisition can come in several forms and depends mostly on its structure. For instance, a company that is public or private may buy all or a part of another company’s stocks by the issuance of their own stock. On the other hand, the non-equity partners are the ones that get receive above half of their compensation on regular terms.
The good thing about joint ventures is that partners are independent contractors and stay that way. They will not be entirely involved in a third party because the act of a co-participant will be omitted. Unlike partnership type joint venture where all of the rules apply because each partner is an element for the agreed partnership.
Question 2:
The company’s portfolio tells me that all of their operating divisions are all invested in bringing enter...
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