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Socioeconomic Status And Victimization (Essay Sample)


For this Assignment, select one of the victims you have previously reviewed in the media. Consider how factors related to the victim's socioeconomic status may have contributed to the victim's vulnerability, the type of crime committed, and his or her experience with the criminal justice system.


Socioeconomic Status and Victimization
Student's Name
Socioeconomic Status and Victimization
• Identify the victim you selected from the Interactive Community.
From my interactive community, I chose Gruffson, which is composed of a demographic of forty percent of African Americans, thirty percent Latinos, twenty percent from the Caribbean, and only ten percent comprises of Caucasian Americans. The socioeconomic category within this community is comprised of the working class and the lower middle class. The victim here is an African American male that was arrested due to allegations of assault on his six-year-old daughter. The victim, therefore, had a low socioeconomic status.
• Explain which factors related to socioeconomic status might have contributed to the vulnerability of the victim.
Racial stereotypes are one of the important factors. Since the male individual had already served time in prison, the possibility of assaulting another individual may have been considered. Additionally, since he lived in Gruffsson, the victim may have been influenced by elements such as unemployment. Since the unemployment rates within that area were high, the opportunities for earning income also decreased, which instigates the person to commit a crime (Ugwudike, 2015).
Socioeconomic status encompasses the income, educational attainment, financial security and the perceptions of social status and class. Here, the vulnerability of the victim may have been compromised due to the past criminal offenses that may have made him liable for the arrest (Rosenfeld, Edberg, Fang, & Florence, 2013). In such an area, it is clear that the criminal justice system may have a higher value of contact

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