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Significant Errors In A Student’s Paper (Essay Sample)


Think of a presentation, advertisement, news article, or other publication that contained writing errors. What was your impression of the material once you viewed the error? How might significant errors in a student's paper indicate a student's readiness to pursue this program? What steps might one take to proof assignments before they are submitted for grading?


Week 3


Week 3

Once I viewed an article that had errors. My impression of the article after viewing the error is that the content of the article is not credible. I could no longer trust the author’s ideas and was not interested any more in reading the article. The errors made the article feel low-quality and not something untrustworthy (Thompson, 2014).

Significant errors in a student’s paper would indicate the student does his or her assignments hastily. The student also does not give an assignment enough time to understand it and produce an assignment that is understandable. This would mean that the student is not ready to pursue the program because one does not have the required concentration. Further, with the student required to do a lot of assignments, significant errors would result in high probability of failing grade. In this program, students need to be keen on what they are writing to show

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