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Self-analysis: Results Of Self-Awareness Test (Essay Sample)


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Self-awareness is an important skill that helps in understanding oneself and others. The major self-awareness diagnostic tools include the Big Five personality test, Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Emotional Intelligence (EI), and Social Styles (SS). In this paper, I am reporting and analyzing my results from each of these self-awareness tests. From the tests, my key strengths include empathy, social skills, and teamwork while the areas I need to develop include conscientiousness and neuroticism.  
I undertook tests on four diagnostic tools namely: the Big Five, MBTI, EI, and SS. From the Big Five personality test, I had scores of 3.2 on openness to experience, 1.8 on conscientiousness, 3.3 on extraversion, 3.6 on agreeableness, and 3.1 on neuroticism. The interpretation of the results shows that I had a weak score on conscientiousness while I scored strongly on the other four traits. The MBTI test results show my personality to be INFP, that is, I scored highly on introversion, intuition, feeling, and perceiving. From the EI test, I scored highly on self-awareness (22), empathy (22), managing emotions (20), and social skills (20), and averagely on motivating oneself (16). The overall score of 100, however, shows that I am considered a person of high intelligence. Finally, on the SS test, the scores show that my social style is analytical, which means that I score poorly on responsiveness and assertiveness.
The tools provided similar results in some instances and different in others. From the Big Five test, I scored strongly (3.2) on openness to new experiences, which means that I am liberal, curious, and have broad interests. This is similar to my result on MBTI on the perceiving dimension (P). According to Kim & Han (2014), perceiving type individuals prefer surprises and flexibility and prefer to leave things open. The authors also point out that the perceiving type thrives in spontaneity. This is consistent with my results on the Big Five personality test where I scored strongly on openness to new experiences and weakly on conscientiousness (1.8). The low score on conscientiousness indicates that I am spontaneous and adaptable, which is similar to the MBTI’s perceiving dimension.
There is also a similarity between my score on Big Five’s agreeableness (3.6) and EI’s empathy (22). These scores are similar because they describe the same behavior. According to Anand AND UdayaSuriyan (2010), the empathy component in EI describes the ability of an individual to consider the welfare of others and to show sensitivity to their needs. This is similar to agreeableness which means the tendency to be altruistic, trusting, kind, and honest (Kalshoven, Hartog, & Hoogh, 2011). There is also a similarity between the introversion dimension on MBTI and the analytical result on SS. They are similar in that analytics are unsociable, precise, and thorough (Gilley, Morris, Waite, Coates, & Veliquette, 2010) while introverts tend to process their thoughts before speaking up and seek introspection of ideas and concepts (Kim & Han, 2014).
There is a difference between the Big Five's result on extraversion (3.3) and MBTI’s extroversion/introversion dimension where the result shows that I scored highly on introversion. From the Big Five personality test, I am sociable, warm while the MBTI test results show the opposite-a person who gets energy from within and prefers to work alone (Capretz, Varona, & Raza, 2015). The Big Five result on extraversion also differs with the result on SS because an analytical person is described as unsociable in the latter test. The analytical result on SS is also diff...

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