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Risk Factors and Coping Skills for Juvenile Victims (Essay Sample)


The Assignment
• Describe two behaviors that may be demonstrated by disaffected youth, and explain how each might increase the likelihood that the youth become juvenile victims.
• Explain how the use of resilience and coping skills may help a juvenile victim overcome victimization.
• Explain why some juvenile victims may grow up to be more adjusted than others


Risk Factors and Coping Skills for Juvenile Victims
Student's Name
Risk Factors and Coping Skills for Juvenile Victims
Disaffected youth may exhibit behaviors that put them at an increased risk of becoming juvenile victims. For example, in the case of Megan Kanka, association with neighbor Mr. Timmendequas put her at risk and eventually caused her victimization and death (Glaberson, 1997). Two of such behaviors are carrying of weapons and association with delinquent peers. Children are at increased exposure to victimization and violence. According to the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (n.d.), there are very high rates of interpersonal victimization and violence of children between the ages 12 and 18 years in the US. The teenagers in the country experience far higher violent crime rates than other members of the population. It is thus important that behaviors that put them at risk be examined and ways to reduce them implemented.
Carrying weapons and associating with delinquent peers has been shown to increase the likelihood of victimization among juveniles. According to Loeber, Kalb, & Huizinga (2001), male juveniles that carry weapons were found to be victimized thrice as likely as those that did not carry weapons. The authors point out that between 27% and 30% of weapon carriers were found to be victims while only 10% of those that did not carry weapons were victims. It is thus evident that the behavior of carrying weapons among juveniles puts them at an increased risk of being victimized. As noted by Loeber, Kalb, & Huizinga (2001), association wit

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