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Health Care Management Management Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Respond to all 3 post with 180 words each. Each post must have at-least one source.
Post 540 #1
Think about one of your most recent encounters with the health care system (for yourself, your child, an elderly parent, etc.). Evaluate your patient experience in all facets of quality and patient safety. What went well, and what (specifically) could/should be changed? How should that change be accomplished?
Provide a summary of your experience and your recommendations for change based on peer-reviewed source facts in a supported analysis. Be sure to read the experiences that are posted before you make your initial post to avoid duplication of ideas. Remember to use in-text citations in your post, also providing a reference list.
Post 530 #2
In the SLP assignment, we reviewed informed consent in the case of competent adults. There are many “gray” areas of consent in cases of children or incompetent adults; however, the law has sought to provide clear guidance for health care providers and legal guardians.
Review pages 393-411 in the Showalter textbook and choose at least one of the subtopics in this section regarding consent. Provide an explanation of the “gray area” of your choosing, including any relevant legal cases discussed, and how this is handled under the law.
Showalter, J. S. (2017) Consent. In The Law of Healthcare Administration (pp. 393-411). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press. Retrieved from the Trident Online Library.
Post 520 #3
After reviewing the policy brief by the Urban Institute on the pros and cons of a single-payer system, assess the challenges that would face the U.S. in implementing such a system. Examine the feasibility of a single-payer health care system becoming policy. Be sure to support your comments with reliable sources and do not hesitate to look at comparative examples from other countries


Health Care Management
Institutional Affiliation:
Health Care Management
Post # 1
The measurement and assurance of quality and safety is the priority for both patients and clinicians in health organizations and systems. I recently had an encounter with a health center for my grandfather suffering from diabetes, noting different tenets of ensuring quality and safety in their administration of care. The center’s concern on patient medical history, especially for chronic diseases, was one of the important safety measures as they insisted on the presence of a mentally stable guardian for children, elderly and mentally changed patients for accuracy. The organization had updated computer systems for systemic records of patient progress insistent on regular updates with every visit to ensure patient harm. However, the hospital had limited contact with their patient after they leave the premise, which greatly hinders remote care for home patients. Braithwaite (2018) noted that one of the reasons for a systemic change in healthcare is the emergence of new models of care. With this perception, the hospital can launch an app or a specified telemedicine service for patients who do not have to visit the center physically. This change would ensure that the clinical systems, processes and behaviors are available, reliable and affordable to patients at their convenience, which significantly enhances the quality according to Vincent et al. (2013).

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