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Race, Ethnicity, Victimization and Reporting (Essay Sample)


In this Discussion, you analyze why certain ethnic or immigrant groups may be reluctant to report victimization, and identify possible strategies that might reduce this reluctance.


Race, Ethnicity, and Reporting
Race, Ethnicity, and Reporting
Crime reporting plays an important role in the justice system. However, more than often, victims, especially immigrants and people of color, are less likely to report victimization to the police. Latinos are one of the immigrant groups in the U.S that are highly unlikely to report victimization(Messing, Becerra, Ward-Lasher, & Androff, 2015). One of the reasons why Latinos fail to report victimization is fear of deportation since a number of them are in the country illegally and are therefore undocumented (Messing, Becerra, Ward-Lasher, & Androff, 2015). As such, when they are violently victimized, even if it is domestic, they are unlikely to report to the police since they will be deported and worse, face victimization from immigrants detainers. In addition, this group does not trust the police due to either their personal or their peers' experiences with law enforcement. They fear racial profiling that

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