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Quality Training Manual Management Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Week 2: The Role of Leadership
Research and summarize senior management's role in successful quality improvement programs. Be sure to use real, researched examples to demonstrate your points. The Baldrige Award site list of recipients could be a good resource for examples.In general, identify senior management’s specific role in these large-scale strategic quality programs? Cheerleader? Role model? Decision maker? Resource provider? What else?Why must firms adopt the identified roles? What is the risk of not using the roles?Indicate how senior and middle management should derive the metrics to use to monitor and communicate performance?With each week, you should include a minimum of 3 new cited references. As such, the references should be varied and different with each section addition. You can reuse references, but repeat references do not count toward the minimum 3 new cited references.


Inspiring leaders are those who motivate the team to do their job in a way that is not driven by pressure but by will. Any member of an organization will want to work passionately when the leaders are full of encouragement, wit and humility. The decision from the Senior Management team affects majority of the quality improvement programs that the organization is planning. The real question now is, what is the real role of senior leaders in the improvisation of a company’s action plan?
According to the Management Study Guide, leaders should promote total quality management in implementing an action plan. This method will help the subordinates understand the importance of quality management as a tool to initiate and achieve long term goals. In this case, following TQM teaches the importance of quality as a parameter for improvement. It therefore makes the leader an implementor, but before he can implement it, he should understand and believe it first. It is very vital that the leader believes in the concept that he introduced, so that he will be able to facilitate the workforce and other subordinates in executing the plan successfully. Failure of the senior management to administer the vision and plan will lead to the downfall of the whole team. (Management St

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