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Purchasing Policy: The Expensive Markets (Essay Sample)


complete and thoughtful response to one of the discussion topics below:
Topic 1: Some major technology companies have faced scrutiny in the past when it comes to labor and human rights on the overseas suppliers side. What are the challenges of monitoring overseas suppliers (especially tier 3, tier 4, etc.) that are guilty of not following labor and human rights guidelines? Support the challenges with some recent industry examples.


More often, companies look for suppliers in the expensive markets available and usually not from one supplier. Reports about labor abuses that happen in overseas factories in companies like Apple-supplier and fox-com was recently exposed by the New York Times. They gave a report on the poor working conditions the Apple supplier factory located in china are trapped on such as the overtimes, health and safety absence and other violations. While the audit and inspection department have tried to address the issue no action have been taken. ‘‘The proposal to protect the workers have been neglected hence resulting to more abuse within the work place'', (Gordon and Jennifer, 2017). Th

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