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Propose setting up the IT foundation for analytics and machine learning (Essay Sample)


write up how you would propose setting up the IT foundation for analytics and machine learning where you work (or have worked).
Address choices of language and/or package, architecture, database management systems, use of cloud resources – and explain your reasoning for making those choices.
You could use the file I upload as resource.
Grading Rubric:
Thoroughness of the planned technology foundation [40%], quality of reasoning in the explanation of choices [40%], clarity of communications [20%]


Propose setting up the IT foundation for analytics and machine learning
Python and R are the most common used languages for analytics and machine learning capabilities, but Python is a general purpose language that is compatible with different modules and connects with the SQL databases (Dean, 2014). It is easy to learn Python including and the program helps in extraction, transformation and loading data, and even non-technical people can use the language. Machine-learning techniques and data analytics models that are used to predict future outcomes.

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