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EEOC Adverse Impact Ratio Analysis in the hiring, promotion and separation process using Gender and Ethnicity (Essay Sample)


Sample Structure:
- Start of with a Cover (title) page
- Background/abstract/introduction to the Term Paper (detail the flow/organization)
- Intro to the Term-Paper Topic
- Build on the topic (Formula & explanation, pros, cons, empirical evidence, theory, impact on business, etc.) - These could be explained in multiple paragraphs as appropriate
- Share any experience you might have
- Your views on the metric you've chosen (well crafted thought process)
- Conclusion
I've written an outline and submitted to the professor, you can follow the outline but it still needs to revise it. Here's the feedback from the professor: Please explain with an example using gender and ethincity. Please explain using EEOC impact on hiring, promotions, separations.

EEOC Adverse Impact Ratio Analysis in the hiring, promotion and separation process using Gender and Ethnicity


EEOC on Hiring, Promotion and Separation Process using Gender and Ethnicity
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EEOC on Hiring, Promotion and Separation Process using Gender and Ethnicity
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is a U. S agency bestowed with the responsibility of enforcing federal regulations that govern and protects American job seekers or employees against discrimination and operation in the workplace. Essentially, EEOC peruses complaints raised by job applicants and employees about hiring, firing, and separation on the basis of color, age, origin, gender, ethnicity, race, pregnancy, sexual orientation and aspect of disability. In addition, EOCC partners with these federal agencies to further the goal of equality. The diversity of the U.S workforce has been in the spotlight in the past years following the rampant discrimination on the basis of gender and ethnicity, which have been seen some improvement recently. Women have always been on the receiving end when it comes to matters of gender discrimination since it comes in many different forms for women working today. According to the Women Bureau (WB), about four in ten working women in the U.S, translating to 42% have faced discrimination in the workplace. Women are discriminated by earning a lesser salary, sexually harassed, and underrated and inequitably supported compared their male counterparts. 

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