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Individual project plan for term project : Uber Tour (Essay Sample)


Project Management Individual Project Management Plan
Team Project - Individual Project Management Plan
Please read the Team project “Project Charter Uber Tour” doc in the attachment first,
Then write the individual project management plan---- focus on the project communications management only relate to the Uber Tour project
Individual Project Management Plan
The individual project management plans should accurately reflect content included in previous phases of the team project. Your plan should include the information listed below:
1. Introduction – Describe what the plan is and which project it is for.
2. Goals – Describe the purpose of the plan
3. Objectives – Describe how you will achieve the goals of the plan.
4. Roles and Responsibilities – List the hypothetical roles which will be involved in creating and executing the plan (Just focus on the roles with respect to activities related to the knowledge area the plan is expected to cover here – nothing else.). The other usual rules apply: You may describe them as abstract roles or invent the names of people who will fill those roles. For each role, a list of the responsibilities attached to that role should also be provided.
5. Deliverables – What, if any, materials, and outputs will be created by this plan? List and describe them. Remember: you are considering this from the vantage point of being at the planning stage, NOT actually executing the project.
6. For each planning process associated with the knowledge area covered by your plan (as described in class and PMBOK), describe how the process will be handled for the project. You should also list and describe the inputs, tools and techniques and outputs of the process.
Project Communications Management
-Plan Communications Management
-Manage Communications
-Monitor Communications
Your plan should be written in a narrative format, providing ample description within each section. It is not sufficient to simply provide a series of bulleted lists of materials! There is no length constraint, but plans do not have to be long!
You have to keep in mind also that your plan is not intended to summarize the results of analysis and responses. It is supposed to describe how the communications management processes would be executed and who would do that work. Think of your plan as providing instructions to the project team as to how to do the necessary work in this area.
Do your own work and make sure you answer all the questions.
It will submit on the Turnitin.
Submission will be sent to Turnitin to be electronically reviewed for plagiarism.


Project plan
With more companies engaging in ride services, the profits of established firms such as Uber will be significantly threatened. Participating in both travel and tour industries is an attractive option since it increases the firm’s diversification and profits. In this case, it is necessary for Uber to introduce a feature that will enable clients to recognize attraction sites and amazing restaurants within their localities.
Goals and objectives
The aim of the project is to extend Uber’s business to the travel service industry. In the first year, the aim is to gain 10% of the travel service industry's market share and increase profit by 5%. The objective of the project is to introduce 'Uber Tour', a new feature that will enable passengers to interact with drivers who will recommend popular local attraction sites or restaurants.
Roles and Responsibilities

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