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Project Management Report with Reference to Work-Place Placement (Essay Sample)


Think of a project you have been involved with at your place of employment or a place where you one day envision yourself working, and imagine that you were appointed the project manager for this project.
Describe the activities that you and your project team will perform in the initiating, planning, executing, controlling and monitoring, and closing processes. In addition, describe how the PMP affects each member of the project team. Remember all APA formatting requirements still apply. Document your sources, and remember even your textbook can be a source.
This assignment should contain a minimum of three pages. Refer to the process model examples in the Handbook of project-based management: Leading Strategic change in organizations textbook, Chapters 15 and 16.


Project Management Report with Reference to Work-Place Placement
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Project Management Report with Reference to Work-Place Placement
The evolution of customer demand and production strategies have given rise to a new discipline termed as project management. This term is referred to as conversion into a reality that has been estimated and planned systematically (Turner, 2014). Under the phenomenon of project management, the project is the formation of a temporary organization under which resources are arranged to execute a desirable outcome (Turner, 2014). With reference to this, the following report represents the steps that will be employed in the construction of a new campus for the Talent College that is experiencing rapid growth in a number of its students and require more space as per the modern learning systems.
The Talent College induces professional abilities inside its students by training and empowering them with knowledge of different disciplines and principles of the English language. The college has gained a reputation due to its excellent knowledgeable deliverance. However, the college still practices an older school of thought and learning criteria. This situation is alarming the management of the Talent College and they want to upgrade them. Renovation of the present campus is quite difficult and possessed extreme costing due to continuous operations. Therefore, the management has appointed a project team to initiate, plan, execute and control the construction of a new campus.
In concern with the initiation of a project, a development plan is an essential obligation. Therefore, the following project has three major drivers for developing an initiation. Firstly, physical site improvement will be decided. Secondly, the carrying capacity of the new campus will be determined so that the marketing campaign for new admissions can be designed accordingly. Lastly, the contemporary facilities of an educational institution will be described and induced inside the project. To sum up, innovative infrastructure with effective crying capacity and modern learning facilities will be the outcome of this project.
Once the initiation phase is covered the next step is to describe the actual planning that will be executed. Initiation describes the outline and objectives of a project, but planning strategies the accomplishment of a project’s objective (Turner, 2014). In concern to this project, the following steps will be involved in planning the project strategy as per the process project example explained by (Grover & Froese, 2016);
* Preservation of natural environment and college’s physical character
* Exhibit a pedestrian-friendly campus
* Induce outdoor spaces within the infrastructure
* Up

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