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Product Selection & Strategy Formulation Research (Essay Sample)


conduct research on a non-profit organization and describe its strategic management style. Also explain how this particular style is different from a well known for-profit organization


A Comparison of Goodwill Industries and McDonalds Corporation
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A Comparison of Goodwill Industries and McDonalds Corporation
Goodwill Industries is an organization that is a nonprofit and is involved in changing the problems that affect community members around their bases of operation. Their services to the communities involve assisting people in getting jobs, giving out donations received from people of good will, as well as supporting them with money obtained from the sales of items that they sell at lower prices as compared to for-profit organizations. Nevertheless, the organization is involved in partnerships with other organization of the same interests of ensuring common good.
Goodwill operates based on three key goals; need to empower community members, creating self-sustaining enterprises in communities, as well as, impacting the environment positively. Revenues that are obtained from the donated goods by the organization are used to fund trainings and also organize community placement programs (Gibbons, 2011). These initiatives tend to create a service culture, innovation and collaborative partnerships with community members. This varies widely with the management styles of for-profit organizations like McDonalds, that are mainly poised to ensuring that their goals are just profit accruals.
McDonald is an example of a profit motivated organization, whose activities are solely controlled from within the organization by the decisions made by managers and employees based on the goals, mission and vision of the organization. The trainings that are done by these organizations are meant to help them boost their competitive advantages and not impacting changes in community members as opposed to what non-profit ones like Goodwill are doing. For non-profit o...
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