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Portfolio Milestone - Training And Staff Development (Essay Sample)


For this option, you will explore different CBT approaches. Determine which approach(es) would be best to use for the training in a program. Consider your audience, geographic location, and other factors for each of approach you have chosen. Write a one page paper (not including the cover page and reference page) that addresses the approach(es) you chose and why you recommend them for your portfolio assignment. Use at least two credible, outside sources to justify your approach(es).


Portfolio Milestone - Training And Staff Development
Portfolio Milestone - Training and Staff Development
Human behavior is determined by factors related to their situations, thoughts, emotions, and physical states. For a better understanding of staff conduct and productivity in the workplace, it is necessary for the managerial team to effectively analyze how the five factors interact with each other concerning work-related challenges and difficulties (Munt-Madill & Lawyer, 2017). Extreme effects of biased perception of situations are depression and anxiety disorders, usually characterized by low motivation, avoidance behaviors, and lack of appropriate social interactions. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a treatment model for mental illnesses and mental health concerns including depression and anxiety disorders in individuals. Some of the basic principles of CBT can be incorporated in training and development of staff to help in overcomi

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