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Writing Consumer's Point of View: The Security Rule (Essay Sample)


Go to the section of the Department of Health and Human Services’ website that is dedicated to the HIPAA Security Rule at What types of information did you find?
From a consumer’s point of view, was the information helpful? Why or why not? (one page)
This class is about privacy, Security & Confidentiality in healthcare.
no resources are needed.


The Security Rule
The web page contains information and hyperlinks on standards established by the HIPAA primarily for the health professionals. The information contained therein redirects the health professionals and the public to the respective web pages where they can find the published information. The main web page information is on HIPAA Security Rule that establishes national standards to protect individuals’ electronic health information. The article contains detailed information regarding the creation, storage, transfer and disposal of the covered entities’ information. The hyperlinks provided in the web page outline the security rules professionals ought to follow in handling electronic health records. The web page contains links for professionals to understand the security standards for protecting certain health information that is held and transferred in electronic form. The web page has links to the history and the development of security rule standards and the amendments it has had over time. The security rule operates for covered entities to ensure that the covered entities privacy provisions are not violated.
This information is important for the covered entity since it can help them make more informed decisions about how much power they accord the business associates and the professionals in the field. When the covered entity is aware of the legal provisions protecting the professionals in the health industry, he/she can make more informed choices of the terms of engagement with the business associate. The covered entity also is in...
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