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Labor Conflict Management in Apple Inc. Management Essay (Essay Sample)


Option #1: Handling Organizational Conflict Paper
Research an organization that has recently had major conflict that made the news. You must identify the organization and the source of the conflict.
Describe the five common approaches individuals use to deal with conflict, and identify and explain the approach(es) this organization has used to deal with conflict.
Explain the negative and positive consequences of the conflict.
Provide an example of how this organization could have handled the conflict in a different manner, and discuss possible outcomes from this approach.
Summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the conflict resolution approaches you researched.
Paper Requirements:
Your paper should include an introduction and a conclusion and should be 4-5 pages long, not including the title or reference pages, which you must include.
Incorporate two scholarly references that are not required readings for this module. The CSU Global Library is a good place to find your sources.
Follow the CSU Global Writing Center- https://csuglobal(dot)libguides(dot)com/writingcenter/apa7_resources
Review the Module 5 Critical Thinking Rubric for full details on how you will be graded on this assignment. Reach out to your instructor if you have any questions about the assignment.


Labor Conflict Management in Apple Inc.
Institutional Affiliation
Labor Conflict Management in Apple Inc.
Conflict is a reality of social life and exists at all levels of society. It is an inevitable part of society since it is associated with scarce resources, division of functions, power relations, and differentiation of roles. Conflict can be manifested through adversarial social action, involving two or more actors with the expression of differences. Conflicts are prevalent where people work as a group. In reality, managers spend a lot of time and effort trying to resolve conflicts emanating from employee-related issues in their organizations (Abiodun, 2014). The consequences of conflict mismanagement are severe to both the people involved and the organization. For example, poor handling of work-related conflicts may result in a diverse distribution of incorrect energy towards the workforce and miscommunication errors, which are harmful to the general organizational performance. However, it would be wrong to view the conflict from a negative perspective only (Saeed, Almas, Anis-ul-Haq, & Niazi, 2014). Conflict may be uncomfortable and a source of problems, but it is one of the key drivers of organizational change, survival, and adaptation. Apple Inc. is among the top organizations that have attracted media and public attention following reports of human rights violations amongst its workforce. The essay explores the accusations against Apple Inc. and the approaches the corporate used to address the labor law violations.

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