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Onsite reflection. Journal Entry Reflection—Cultural Intelligence (Essay Sample)


You must write a journal entry reflection,
you must write 3-4 lessons you learned from the listed topics below
First, you must write about lessons you learned from "the importance of having cultural intelligence in the business world" see attached reading.
the second is you must talk about the importance of doing prep work before negotiation and why prep work is just as if not more important than the actual negotiation.

no sources required
must be 800 words single spaced


Journal Entry Reflection—Cultural Intelligence
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Journal Entry Reflection—Cultural Intelligence
Undoubtedly, globalization has made the world a one-stop-shop. Thanks to technology, companies can now do business across geographical borders, meaning they interact with employees and customers across the globe. However, the new development also leads to challenges of cultural disparities, language barriers, differences in approaches to communication, and values (Livermore, 2010). Therefore, business leaders and company managers must have cultural intelligence to help them address and deal with the challenges. In other words, they can only embrace cultural diversity and promote tolerance when they have knowledge and understanding of the different, often conflicting cultures. I have learned the following great lessons from Livermore’s article regarding cultural intelligence in the business world.

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