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OL 501 Module Six Journal: Workforce Changes for American Apparel (Essay Sample)


To maintain strengths, improve weaknesses, capitalize on opportunities, and respond to threats requires the organization to have the right people. In this journal, consider the type of workforce changes you would recommend to reach your company’s strategic goal. Read through the case study of the company you have chosen to focus on for your strategy and change management plan and address the items below, based on the information provided in the case study document and your TOWS analysis in Module Two.

Review the resources for this module and the analysis you did on your chosen company. Then, complete the following for your journal:

 Describe what kind of talent your chosen company needs. Support your answer with information from the case study.  Explain how the company can attract, retain, motivate, and develop the workforce to achieve its goals. Support your answer.


Workforce Changes for American Apparel
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Workforce Changes for American Apparel
Talent is fundamental to organizational success. America Apparel Inc. needs to shift to a workforce model that will allow them to recruit new talented employees led by an individual with a different mindset to that of the current CEO, Dov Charney. The existing talent gaps at America Apparel do not allow the company to compete in the face of emerging technologies in the sector. For the organization to accomplish its mission of “making quality clothing without relying on cheap labor”, there is need to find local talent with international acclaim. Although the company’s current business model emphasizes on producing in-house rather than outsourcing, local talents with a global acclamation attracts international clientele to the country (Mehta, 2016). Also, for the company to “predict fashion trends”, they will need to attract young talent with technological experience, specifically, with new mobile and social networking technologies that would give them a better understanding of the consumers (Mehta, 2016). Emerging trends in the apparel industry focus on improving efficiency, interacting with consumers, gaining online support, making mobile sales and ultimately maximizing profits (HCI, 2008). With the young talent, American Apparel Inc. will not only be able to support domestic production, but also lower the production costs.
Attract, Retain, Motivate and Develop
Various organizations in the Apparel Indust

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