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Nursing Schedule: Will It Need To Hire Additional Nurses? (Essay Sample)


Two nurses (Mary and Jane) at the Riverview UCC have decided to work part-time. They would like to work only two (consecutive) days per week. Because they would be part-time employees, their salary and benefits per nurse day would be reduced to $160 on weekdays and $220 on weekend days. Riverview could hire an additional full-time nurse if needed.
Should Riverview agree to this request?
If it does, will it need to hire additional nurses?
Assuming that part-time nurses and new hires will take any schedule and that preferences for the remainder of the nurses are the same, what new schedule would you recommend for each nurse?


Nursing Schedule
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Should Riverview agree to this request? If it does, will it need to hire additional nurses?
Riverview can consider hiring a full-time nurse instead of allowing Mary and Jane to work part-time. In some circumstances, however, Riverview may consider their request and agree to this proposal, but that's only possible when there is an emergency situation. In hospitals and clinics, some patients need immediate medical assistance, and this is where part-time nurses can help. For Mary and Jane, it could be an opportunity to learn new things and boost their performance. By hiring part-time nurses, the organization can ensure the provision of immediate medical assistance to all of its patients. Sometimes the full-time nurses remain busy in their day-to-day tasks. In such circumstances, a part-time nurse can come forward and help a patient get recovered easily (Skidmore-Roth, 2015). Mary and Jane, just like other health professionals, are responsible for performing their tasks efficiently. It is not possible for them to start working part-time at the same institute. That's because it is not all about earning, but about the health and safety of patie

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