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Milestone MGT MOD 6/ Outline Only- leadership model (Essay Sample)


From Support: For this assignment the customer needs only an outline (2 pages).
Upload your Assessment Questionnaire that you plan to use for the assessment section of your portfolio project. (the topic selected is Leadership with Transactional Model)
Details for Portfolio Project due at the end of Week 8:
Each student will write a portfolio paper based on an assessment, analysis and recommendations for strengthening his/her leadership characteristics.
In conjunction with the instructor’s approval each student will select a leadership model, such as the Servant-Leader Model, and do a multi-dimensional assessment and analysis of his/her leadership characteristics.
The assessment input will come from the three sources of self, a supervisor or co-worker and a personal associate. Each of the three will rate the student with the same instrument, based on the model’s leadership characteristics, using a 1-10 scale indicating the degree to which the student possesses the characteristics.
The analysis will examine the assessment results, including both similarities and differences.
Then, the recommendations will address how the student might go about strengthening his/her leadership characteristics and potential.
( The final project that customer will add later based on the outline): The project should be well-written, supported by scholarly references, formatted according to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements (Links to an external site.), approximately 3,000-4,000 words (8 - 10 pages) in length, demonstrate critical thinking, and be free of grammar and spelling errors. Refer to the Portfolio Project Rubric for grading details. --- WRITERS do NOT need to do this part now.


Milestone MGT MOD 6/ Outline Only- leadership model
Colorado State University - Global Campus
Leadership with Transactional Model
The transactional leadership model proposes that followers are motivated by rewards and punishments and it is a system where leaders focus on motivating the followers. Leaders often focus on appealing to the interests of the followers, and there is an assumption that people are motivated by rewards and benefits (Deichmann & Stam, 2015). Transformational leadership is associated with transforming and motivating the employees in an environment where there is a clear structure and line of command (Jensen et al., 2016).

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