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MHA540 CASE 4 The Processes of Continuous Quality Improvement Essay (Essay Sample)


Peer-reviewed articles and reliable sources. Use at least three peer-reviewed sources. For additional information on how to recognize peer-reviewed journals, see


3/25/20, 11)04 PM…2lSessionVal=zIcAhuqM7GCIx13czuc6z8s22&ou=153651&d2l_body_type=3 Page 1 of 2 Module 4 - Case THE PROCESSES OF CONTINUOUS QUALITY IMPROVEMENT Assignment Overview One of the leading continuous quality indicators that U.S. health care managers struggle with is population-wide health equity monitoring and improvement. This indicator seems to unfortunately remain isolated from the “mainstream” process of continuous quality improvement. Because of this, health care managers remain relatively uninformed about the health equity impacts of organizational decisions, despite the ease of data gathering and assessment brought about by the advent of electronic health records. Please read the following article, then answer the Case Assignment questions. Cookson, R., Asaria, M., & Ali, S. (2018). Health equity monitoring for health care quality assurance. Social Science & Medicine, Vol. 198, 148-156. Retrieved from the Trident Online Library. Case Assignment 1. How can the monitoring process suggested in the article help in revising the processes used inside the United States? It’s working in England—so could it work in the United States? Why or why not? Justify your answer using credible, peer-reviewed sources. 2. What are five of the current inequities in the United States health care market that should be addressed? Document each inequity using credible, peerreviewed sources. 3. How can each of these inequities be best resolved to the satisfaction of all stakeholders? Explain your ideas for resolving the five inequities to your stakeholders in a few concise paragraphs. Assignment Expectations Listen 3/25/20, 11)04 PM…2lSessionVal=zIcAhuqM7GCIx13czuc6z8s22&ou=153651&d2l_body_type=3 Page 2 of 2 Privacy Policy | Contact 1. Conduct additional research to gather sufficient information to support your analysis. 2. Provide a response of 3-5 pages, not including title page and references. It is required that you show the formulas and calculations performed to arrive at your answers. 3. As we have multiple required items to be addressed herein, please use subheadings to show where you’re responding to each required item and to ensure that none are omitted. 4. Support your paper with peer-reviewed articles and reliable sources. Use at least three peer-reviewed sources. For additional information on how to recognize peer-reviewed journals, see: Angelo State University Library. (n.d.). Library Guides: How to recognize peerreviewed (refereed) journals. Retrieved from and for evaluating internet sources: Georgetown University Library. (n.d.). Evaluating internet resources. Retrieved from 5. You may use the following source to assist in your formatting your assignment: Purdue Online Writing Lab. (n.d.). General APA guidelines. Retrieved from 6. Paraphrase all source information into your own words carefully, and use intext citations.


The Processes of Continuous Quality Improvement
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The Processes of Continuous Quality Improvement
Healthcare facilities and organizations lack accurate information on the impact of inequity in their decisions. In this study, the researchers present a new analytical approach which can be used to address this issue. The study shows that inequality in the quality of care that is served to populations has been benchmarked to similar populations (Cookson, Asaria, Ali, Shaw, Doran, & Goldblatt, 2018). The researchers also illustrate this using a quality indicator that is commonly used; avoidable emergency admissions. The approach has been adopted and implemented by the NHS in the United Kingdom, and it can also be applied successfully in the United States.
How the Processes can be applied in Monitoring in the United States
The study illustrates that inequality in the healthcare sector can be monitored using the avoidance emergency admissions approach. There are various strengths of this approach that make it appropriate for adoption and implementation in the United States. It has the capacity to incorporate equity metrics in the mainstream quality assurance procedures for the case of healthcare facilities which have the direct responsibility of healthcare planning, purchasing, and delivery to enrolled populations (Cookson, Asaria, Ali, Shaw, Doran, & Goldblatt, 2018). It can also be used for effectively assessing the equity dimension of the quality of care against two benchmarks; national inequality and inequality in similar populations. Further, the approach has the ability to assess the extent of the challenge of healthcare that organizations are facing, and this is achieved through the epidemiological idea of population attribute risk.

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