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Maori And Tourism Report: Background Of The Company (Essay Sample)


Hi, this essay is a report related to maori and tourism, it is a local couture of New Zealand, I will upload the instruction, please read carefully, the references needs to have 10, especially for that chart. Thanks


Maori and Tourism Report
Maori and Tourism Report
A: Introduction
Tourism is a critical industry in New Zealand. According to the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (2017), the tourism industry directly contributed $12.9 billion (or 5.6%) of the country’s GDP in 2017. Tourism directly employed 188,136 people, which is about 7.5% of jobs in the country. The industry further contributed $9.8 billion (about 4.3%) to the GDP due to other effects of tourism. New Zealand received 3,599,000 visits for the year ending April 2017. 40% of the visitors were from Australia, while China accounted for 11%. The majority of the visits were for holiday and visiting relatives or friends. Domestic tourism is also important although it is fast declining due to the growing international tourism (Small 2016). New Zealand remains a top destination for tourists. People visit the country for a number of reasons. Some want to explore the amazing scenery while others want to experience the culture of the local community. Tourism New Zealand promotes tourism activities in the country. The agency brands New Zeland in other countries as the leading destination for tourists. The number of visitors to the country has increased due to the efforts of the body. A number of tourist companies have also been established to take advantage of the booming sector.
B: History and background of the company
Maori Tours Kaikoura is one of the leading tourism companies in the New Zealand. The business was established by Maurice and Heather Manawatu in 2002 (Maori Tours Kaikoura 2017). Many of the founder’s extended family members have been in the tourism business for long. Both Maurice and Heather have a combined experience of close to 50 years in the sector. Before starting the company, the two founders held numerous family meetings to determine the kind of services appropriate for visitors to Kaikoura. They came up with two important outcomes. Firstly, their business would offer authentic experiences to the visitors in a natural way. Secondly, they would use the Maori traditional values in their day to day operations. The company believes in allowing visitors to share in the unique culture of Kaikoura while preserving the cultural values and strengthening the advancement of the local people. The business invests in causes that empower the local people in terms of education, spiritual matters and economic.
The company believes in improving the welfare of the community. It takes care of the staff members and encourages them to participate in the various community development projects. The company is committed to making a difference. Through these initiatives, the company has earned a number of recognitions and certifications.
C: Description of activity /Services offered
Maori Tours Kaikoura offers private tours for two to ten people. Guests are encouraged to do their bookings at least two weeks in advance to facilitate proper planning. The tourists visit important sites in the Kaikoura region. They get to learn the history of the people which spans for more than 800 years. Since the group is relatively smaller, the visitors have an opportunity to ask questions concerning the place to the tour guides. The guests get an opportunity to learn about the traditional practices like weaving and greetings. The visitors get an opportunity to explore nature especially the forests. They get to learn about indigenous trees that have existed for hundreds of years, and how they are used for medicine and food. The tour guides offer warm hospitality to their guests to ensure they get the maximum out of the tour. Accommodation is arranged as well as transportation to the sites. Once the visitors pay the fee, it caters for all their activities including entry and equipment fees, and light meals.
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