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Management Assessment: Manufacturing Of Jackets (Essay Sample)


Hi, this is a management homework, the detail requirements will be uploaded, the first one is the requirement for this homework, second one is an outline for this class schedule, then write approximately 1 page for part one, then part two write about 750 words


Manufacturing of Jackets
Part One
This paper will be examining how the spider diagram can be used to clearly show the complexity of the globalized chain of supply and external environment that relates to the manufacturing of the leather jacket. Spider diagrams are basically used in the planning or developing and also for provoking ideas. Although spider diagrams are not the same as maps of the mind, but they can be equally be useful in the same way as an idea organizer or as alternative method for note taking.
How to Use Spider Diagrams to Describe the Supply-Chain and External Environment for the Manufacturing of Jackets
The chain of supply refers to the processes that are involved in the production and distribution of the end product to the final consumer. This chain includes the supplier of raw materials like in this case timber or metals, the retailers and then to the end consumer. It is important to note that supply chains is applicable in every product that include companies that are assembling and delivering the component parts of the product to the manufacturing company. In the manufacturing of a jacket for instance, there is the supplier of raw materials like fabric, cotton, leather, zippers and other necessary for making jackets. The manufacturer the takes the raw materials to the machine that will use these raw materials to come up with the final intended product and in this case a jacket. The manufacturing of the jacket involves even the farmer that is going to supply the cottons, silk and leather that is used in the manufacturing of the jacket (Urbas et al, 2012).
The Spider Diagram
lefttopPart Two
How Globalization and External Environment Affect Organizations
From the Spider diagram above it can be noted that external environment plays a vital role in the success of the organization. Without the players that are found in the external environment of the organization it can be very difficult for the business to be successful. For instance, it can be witnessed the role that the supplier play in chain of supply of the jacket that has been manufactured. The business environment is also influenced by the global forces that have brought by the way that the world consistently becoming a global village. For instance, globalization has contributed greatly in how the organization is currently interacting with their customers, suppliers and how the organization responds to the competition in the business environment. Globalization has led to the creation of wider spectrum for doing the business. There is a wide spectrum of markets that have been brought as a result of globalization. From the spider diagram above, it can be noted that the suppliers of raw materials that are needed for the manufacturing the jacket can be gotten from other countries. When talking about globalization, it is difficult to avoid talking about the role that has been played by emergence of technology in globalization. Organizations can now sell their products in the foreign markets online as a result of e-Commerce. There are other internet sites like the Amazon that can...
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