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Managing employee relations. Management Assignment. (Essay Sample)


While reading the background material covering this assignment, pay special attention to the topics of the following questions and take note of any you cannot readily recall.
1. Explain what is meant by “mandatory bargaining topics” and provide three examples.
2. Give a brief overview of the National Labor Relations Act and what it covers. Does it
have another name? Has the NLRA been amended? If so, by what law?
3. Give a brief overview of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.
4. What is the Railway Labor Act?
5. What is the Landrum Griffin Act?
6. What is the AFL-CIO?
7. What are some common exceptions to employment-at-will?
8. What do the following terms mean: “union shop,” “closed shop,” and “agency shop”?
9. What is the intent of “right to work” laws?
Once you familiarize yourself with these nine labor relation topics, select 3 of the topics that you know ​the least about​. Research the topics and then discuss them in a 3- to 4-page paper, not counting the cover or reference list pages. You can cover a variety of aspects of the three topics or laws, but should include statements of why you selected these topics or laws, the impact the topic or law had on the workforce, and the characteristics of each topic or law. You should try to write at least a full page on each of the three topics or laws you selected for this assignment.
As usual, you will need a cover page and reference list page in your submitted file. In addition to the background readings, be sure you find ​peer-reviewed academic journal articles​ for your selected topics or laws—at least one reference per topic or law. These references can be found in the Trident Online Library. Click on the “cite” link (a single oversized quotation mark), select the APA format option from the drop-down menu, and copy and paste the reference information onto your reference list. (You may have to clean up the reference information a bit if it was inserted into the database incorrectly.)


Managing Employee Relations
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Managing Employee Relations
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) refers to a federal law that was established in 2002 to regulate the financial practices of public and private organizations. Lawmakers introduced SOX to protect the public, employees, and shareholders from fraudulent economic activities and accounting errors. In addition, it improved the reliability of companies’ financial reporting and restored the investor’s confidence. Although some provisions of SOX apply to all firms, the law was primarily formed to regulate financial reporting in publicly traded companies. For organizations to comply with the regulation, SOX introduced penalties for those firms that will not adhere to it.
Some of the biggest American corporation scandals that led to the establishment of the SOX are the Enron Corporation and WorldCom accounting malpractices. Executive leaders of these companies stole money and manipulated financial statements to portray that the organization was performing well, which was not the reality. 

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