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Management of Long-term Care – The Buckingham (Essay Sample)


Formal (APA) Essay Assignment
LTCA 1313.790S1 Organization and Management of Long Term Care Facilities
*You are to research a specific Long Term Care Facility (of your choosing), interview the administrator of that facility and address the following:
1. Name of the Long Term Care Facility (which will be your title)
2. Interview the administrator (or the Assistant Administrator) on the following topics (This could be one of your References):
a. Administrator’s roles/responsibilities
b. Organizational Structure of the facility
c. Three of their most current challenges and what they are doing about it
3. In your conclusion, include what you would to address their challenges if you were the administrator of this facility.
This essay must be submitted in APA format. Please explore the website to review current APA Formatting and Guide.
1. Minimum of 3 full pages, maximum of 5 full pages (does not include cover page or Reference page)
2. Use Times New Roman Font, 12 pitch.
3. Double spaced.
4. Ensure that you have in-text citations for your information that you have researched (in accordance with your References).
5. Remember, this is 20% of your final course grade.


Management of Long-term Care – The Buckingham
Your Name
Subject and Section
August 10, 2018
It is almost a common knowledge amongst administrators that providing high-quality care for patients requires expertise in a variety of skills, including both medical and administrative ones. This is because long-term care facilities provide not only for the medical needs of their residents, but also non-medical ones in their aim to provide a holistic service towards the elderly (National Institute on Aging, 2017). To give a more in-depth discussion about the importance of the administrator’s skills in managing long-term care facilities the author of this article interviewed the Associate Executive Director and Health Care Administrator of The Buckingham (a long-term care facility located in Houston, Texas). Due to his extensive experience in hospitality management, Mr. Jacob helped the facility to increase its patient satisfaction and even better its clinical outcomes ever since his first tenure in the facility last 2011 (The Buckingham, n.d.). In the succeeding sections of this article, the results of this short but concise interview would be discussed. Explicitly, the roles of a hospital administrator would be laid out, including the current organizational structure of the said facility. All in all, the author of this paper believes that the results of the interview would show that to provide successful and sufficient care for the long-term facilities it would be best to have a precise knowledge of both medical and non-medical fields, as well as develop a clear goal that everyone could follow.
The Roles of an Administrator
Generally, the role of an administrator of a long-term care facility is to maintain the quality of health care being provided for its residents all the time. This includes a strict observance of federal, state, and local regulations, as well as the development and implementation of workplace culture and guidelines to fulfill it (Jacob, 2018). Aside from the two functions stated above, Mr. Jacobs also ensures that proper bookkeeping and maintenance of these records are being done. This is essential because residents of long-term care facilities are most likely to have histories of health issues, medications, and preferences that need to be taken seriously. In light of the administrator’s role in creating an

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