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Leadership Portfolie Management Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Part I: Analysis of Leadership within an Organization (185 Points)
(3 pages)
Analyze leadership in your current place of employment or one with which you are familiar. As part of your assessment, define the leadership approaches, traits, styles, and tasks accomplished within the organization. Your well-written paper should be 3-4 pages, include a minimum of three outside resources, and be formatted according to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements (Links to an external site.).
The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these resources. For more information, see the Portfolio Project Rubric in the Module 8 folder.
Part II: Personal Leadership Profile (165 Points)
(5 pages)
Imagine yourself assuming a leadership role within the organization you analyzed for Part I. Then create a profile of yourself to share with current leaders. Your profile should demonstrate how you could serve as an effective leader within the organization and include the following components:
Your leadership style
Your values and personality
Your abilities in motivating, communicating, team-building, relationship-building, and innovation
Your strategy style
Your followership style
Your leadership vision
Keep in mind that this profile is not only to reflect you as an individual and as a leader, but it should also synthesize leadership knowledge acquired in this course.
Part II of your Portfolio may be delivered in the form most suitable to represent you and your style (e.g. written paper, PowerPoint, or use an Internet-based presentation tool such as Prezi or Slide Rocket, a Web page or a video). The profile should be well written; if you choose the written format the paper should be 5-6 pages in length. If you choose an alternative format, it should contain the same depth, breadth, substance and quality of form that would be in a well-written 5- to 6-page paper. A presentation should contain 10-12 content slides with fully annotated notes plus a title slide and reference slide using APA standards. A web page or a video must also have a title as well as references. This part of the Portfolio assignment must cite at least 3 outside references.


Leadership Profile
Your Name
Subject and Section
Part I: Analysis of Leadership within an Organization
Walmart Inc. is an American retail company that have different branches around the world with a dedicated mission to give the people relatively low prices of retail products and promote a better life for their consumers (Walmart Inc., 2020). The founder of Walmart, Sam Walton (March 29, 1918 – April 5, 1992), believed in giving the people products of great value together with extraordinary customer service to show leadership through service of others (Walmart Inc., 2020).
This is a place of employment to which I'm most familiar with. I'm an avid consumer of this retail company’s products due to the convenience and relatively low prices. Nowadays, more and more retail stores are gaining customer traffic due to their online nature like Amazon but Walmart tries to combine their physical stores and online applications to gather greater costumer pool, thus, increasing the company's profit. However, Walmart then needs to hire a greater number of employees to both work inside their stores not just to manage employees but also to promote satisfactory customer service to the people that are buying inside the stores.

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