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HRM 11415 Part B: The Role of Leaders in Enabling Effective Change Management Within Organizations (Essay Sample)


The Role of Leaders in Enabling Effective Change Management Within Organizations


The Role of Leaders in Enabling Effective Change Management Within Organizations
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The Role of Leaders in Enabling Effective Change Management Within Organizations
1.0 Introduction
In life, change is always inevitable and it is a normal aspect for any living entity or that whose existence derives validity in existence. As Sharma (2007) notes, even time would make no meaning in the absence of change, and since change will manifest in multiple ways, it will not have the same connotation across situations, people and other contexts. As times, people and situations change, so do organizations. With the globalization of economies and the consequences of liberalization, competition, privatization, deregulation, mergers and acquisitions and the developments in information technologies (IT), the operating landscape for organizations and businesses around the globe is bound to change (Sharma, 2007). In case these changes are not effectively managed, failures in business operations are rife. There are a number of reasons to account for the failures and ineffectiveness in change efforts. The two most frequent issues that are responsible for such failures include the inappropriate response by organizations to new realities and a situation where leaders fail to provide an effective containing function to manage distress and anxieties resulting from change (Beerel, 2009). According to Renz (2016), leaders in an organization come up with an effective team that will assist in achieving the set goals of production. This paper examines the role of leaders in change management in culminating failures to achieve a smooth transition.
2.0 Role of Leaders in Change Management
2.1 Communication
Leaders are required to ensure that there is a continuous communication within their organizations for effective change management. Communication is essential in preparing the employees to change, considering the external business environment. The management is required to discuss the changes with the staff to handle the changes in business environment (Fleisher & Bensoussan 2015). The workforce is required to know changes that are expected in the market to achieve the set objectives of production. When an organization intends to change the management, there is resistance from the stakeholders. Consistent communication in the business provides the internal and external stakeholders with the required information about the effective management of the business (Wild, Wild & Han 2014). The employee queries require being handled before the change for a constant flow of business operations. The changes in an organization are aimed at taking advantage of opportunities in the market through responsible control of operations in the business. A leader is required to be repetitive to make the employees understand the need for change to improve the engagement of employees in the business. Communication is used in training and development of employees to integrate the changes to acquire new skills that will achieve set goals of production.
2.2 Developing Strategies
Strategies are aimed at achieving set long-term goals of production through the analysis of the external business environment. The leaders are required to ensure that the goal implemented by a business should offer a competitive edge in the market. According to Peppard and Ward (2016), top management is used in coming up with a proper strategy that will offer a plan that will assist in a long-term survival of the organization. The leaders have a great influence on the changing of the management as the stakeholders require evidence on the need for change. The growth strategies require an organization to have highly skilled employees that will offer a susta...

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