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Leader Assessment: Confidence And Humility (Essay Sample)


700- to 1,050-word summary in which you articulate elements of leadership using the following criteria:
Examine your individual, essential elements of leadership and management.
Differentiate between leadership and management roles, and
Provide specific examples from the text, literature


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In every business, company, group or organization, they must have a figurehead, who is the authority there. This authority figurehead can be a manager, a leader or both. In both cases individually, each has different characteristics and essential elements of the leaders and manager, although they are linked but slightly different from each other.
There are several essential elements of leadership which include the following. I as a leader posses some and am working towards getting the rest of the elements of leadership. The first element is the ability to learn from failure. This is a great learning opportunity for the leader as it teaches innovation, survival, and renewal. The other element is trust, the leader must be very trustworthy, and also be willing to take on the risk of placing their trust in the people they associate with.
A good leader must also have confidence as no one will take the risk of following a leader who has no self-confidence and is not self-assured. Leaders should stand by their decisions and goals even if at times they experience failure. Confidence in leaders usually makes them be happier, willing to take risks and be generally more motivated. A leader should also possess humility as a trait as it makes them be well connected to those people who are around them. It also allows leaders to take criticism well as it is an opportunity to learn and grow instead of taking it as if their character is being assaulted.
Leaders should also be inspiring as it makes those around them take action, for example, to be more creative and innovative. Leaders should also have the intensity as a trait as it determines the levels of speed, thedepth, drive and determination that the leader has in seeing that a particular task is done and done right.Leaders should also be seeking to always remain informed and updated as this will enhance their making of the right and informed decisions, and also enhance their innovativeness and creativity.
A good leader should also be able to communicate well with those around them and more importantly, be a great listener to all around them as it will among others,

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