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International Mgmt Management Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


The due date for Homework 2 has been extended to Thursday, 022720 so that other topic choices (in addition to the DOC profile) about China are options for you. The COVID-19 (corona) virus is having a dramatic effect on China's economy and on other economies and regions worldwide.
Some of the alternate topics we have discussed in class include:
1. Economic (macro) effects of the contagion in China, in Asia, in the West.
2. Global trade patterns and flows. How is the contagion affecting China's export economy?
3. Travel and tourism industries, both air travel (cut backs) and ocean travel, e.g., cruise lines- How did Japan deal with the Diamond Princess challenge? How did Cambodia deal with the Westerdam?). AIRLINES: https://www(dot)nytimes(dot)com/interactive/2020/02/21/business/coronavirus-airline-travel.html
4. What about retail operations in China for US firms like Starbucks? McDonalds? Others?
5. The manufacturing sector in China, e.g. electronics (Apple and FoxCon); automotive (GM, BMW) and related worldwide auto supply chains?
6. The WHO and its role in China and worldwide, how did the WHO and the CCP negotiate to address the crisis?
These are just a few options, but remember that you may still create a profile of China using the DOC variable, just as we did for Iran.


International Management
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International Management
The economic damage of coronavirus is mounting not only China but also the entire world. Businesses have incurred losses of revenue, as it disrupts supply connections due to factory closings with many people in the lockdown and other countries, such as the United States extending travel restrictions. China is the second-largest world’s marketplace and leading trading country, and therefore, economic disruption because of coronavirus menaces in the international markets (Huang et al., 2020). For example, falling in oil demand is a significant threat to the International Energy Agency due to a drop in oil demand. China is the most importer of oil over the last decade from the Middle East countries. A decrease in need of oil by Chinese markets causes excessive losses of revenue to the Middle East regions.

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