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Intellectual Property Legislation and Social Media (Essay Sample)


For this Discussion, select a current piece of U.S. legislation related to regulation of intellectual property. Consider how the legislation you select may be applied in a social media forum.


Intellectual Property Legislation and Social Media
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Intellectual Property Legislation and Social Media
Intellectual property rights are the rights granted to an individual over their creativity, giving them an opportunity to explore them for a certain period. United States intellectual property law is directly legalized by the constitution for copyrights and patents. The constitution grants the Congress the skill to create patents and copyrights with the determination of stimulating the progress of other significant fields. United States copyright office records claims of copyright and registers copyright transfers under the Copyright Code under the Library of Congress (Janssen, 2017). Copyright is a protection of communication of thought and not the inventiveness of the idea or the thought. Copyrights do not apply to information or ideas, but how they are articulated in material form. Copyright is not only limited to works of imagination, such as novels, paintings and operas, but outspread to fact-based, machine-readable and certain data compilations.
Social media refers to online-based interactions of individuals on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space and other social networking sites. There has been an immense increase in social media users recently, which has contributed to the increase of intellectu

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